About company

Goals and objectives

Eurotranstelecom LLC was created aiming to build fiber-optic lines along the Railways of Ukraine. The main objective is to meet the needs of railway transport of Ukraine in the modern means of communication for its technology needs. Eurotranstelecom LLC also provides telecommunication services under its own trademark.

Our achievements

By investing own funds, Eurotranstelecom LLC has already built a fiber length of about 6000 km. Despite a long way in a few thousand kilometers, company didn’t think to stop at the achieved results:  continues to build a modern and reliable telecommunication infrastructure.

Our team

Eurotranstelecom LLC is a carefully selected team of professionals with years of experience in the design, construction and operation of telecommunication networks, who were able to successfully apply it to the current European standards for the construction of communication networks.

Our licenses

Eurotranstelecom LLC in accordance with the license of the Ministry of Transport and Communications AA №720182 from 08.12.2004 is a Ukrainian telecommunications operator, which provides services for the lease of communication channels, data transmission and access to the Internet.

Our advantages

Eurotranstelecom LLC uses the latest optical and IP solutions. This is a real opportunity to provide customers with modern and high-quality telecommunications services from one source.

Our responsibility

We are responsible for round the clock operation of all components of the telecommunication network from fiber optic cables to IP routers. We are always responsible for what we create and offer!