Ethernet services

Eurotranstelecom LLC offers on the Ukrainian market service – Layer 2 Ethernet point-to-point and point-multipoint. This service is “a gold middle” for customers looking for a more economical solution than dedicated digital communication channels but more reliable, high-quality and simple solution than the virtual private networks (VPN) based on MPLS technology.

If You need to:

  • to organize a secure private network through connecting Your local networks that are located in different cities of Ukraine into a single Ethernet network;
  • to build your own WAN network;
  • to arrange access to the Internet;
  • to organize geographically dispersed reserve of massive of data,

then our solution is ideal for Your needs. This service works only for data link level (Layer 2 of the OSI model) and is based on encapsulation technology Ethernet packets directly into the optical transmission layer.

This technology has the following advantages:

  • cost efficient – no need to purchase additional expensive routing equipment. Everything is just as in your LAN;
  • easy – no need to have a staff of specialists with knowledge of WAN technologies – MPLS, Frame Relay, ATM;
  • scalability – any bandwidth scalable;
  • quality – is guaranteed by optical transmission systems;
  • safety – your traffic is transmitted on Layer 2 by the our optical transmission systems. Much better security compared to MPLS. You do not depend on the working efficiency of your and your carrier’s routers, you don’t need to give your internal IP addressing in “hands” technical specialists of the operator;
  • flexible topology – point-to-point or point-multipoint.

Service features:

  • connection speed: 10, 100 Mbit/s, 1/10 Gbit/s;
  • data transfer rate to 10 Gbitps;
  • support VLAN, Q-in-Q, jumbo frames;
  • billing – flat rate and 95% burst.