Voice IP services

Modern technologies that combine Internet and telephony, have given to the world and mankind the transmission of voice data, so-called IP-telephony (VoIP). A more progressive method of voice transmission, than VoIP, today simply doesn`t exist.

The ability to provide new enhanced services largely determine the success of next generation networks. Passing of voice is one of the main services provided by modern networks. The PSTN use doesn`t give so cost-effective and flexible approach to providing voice services, as IP telephony.

How in the future we will need to modify the corporate network for providing and support of voice services?

Telephony from Eurotranstelecom LLC is made with the latest technology of voice transmission in IP networks. Depending on your wishes, you can order the telephone number or unnumbered line (moreover unlimited). This telephony is very budget solution: the client receives a flexibly possibility of installation the required number of telephone lines in the home or in the office.

Telephony from Eurotranstelecom LLC will provide you with additional services that will not be able to give a regular phone. If you are our client, voice communication will appear in a few days, and your costs for calls in many directions are significantly reduced. This path leads to enormous savings in the costs of corporate communications, if you combine the offices in different regions in a single corporate telephone network!

The advantages of voice services from Eurotranstelecom LLC can and should be valued:

  • flexibility and scalability;
  • setting the phone anywhere in the IP network;
  • this receiving numbers and multi-lines;
  • you get access to a wide range of additional voice services.

Why VoIP is so popular in the business sector?

  • deprived of the opportunity to establish a regular telephone line;
  • requiring additional features that a traditional fixed phone line does not implement;
  • the activities of these organizations require of a large amount of long-distance and international calls.