Digital channels

Eurotranstelecom LLC provides operators, service providers and corporate customers in the use of long-distance and international dedicated digital communication channels.

Eurotranstelecom LLC provides channels and circuits E1(2,048 Mbit/s), E3 (34 Mbit/s), STM-1(155 Mbit/s), STM-4 (622 Mbit/s), 1 Gbit/s,  2.5 Gbit/s, 10 Gbit/s.

Dedicated digital communication channels are the basis for the construction of telephone networks and data networks.

Dedicated channels for operators of Communication and Internet service providers – this is the ability to combine of the switching equipment or equipment for data transfer.

Dedicated channels for corporate clients – this is the possibility to build private networks with the possibility to pass all traffic regardless of its nature (voice, data, video).

Dedicated channels have the following advantages:

  • high reliability;
  • security of data;
  • independence from data transfer protocols;
  • guaranteed transmission rate.

Having joints with operators in Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, we lease digital channels anywhere in the world. When providing international channels we work with clients on the principle of “One-Stop Shopping” (OSS), i.e. the provision of service through a single point of entry through the ETT.

It has the following advantages for clients:

  • one point of entry for order, even if the channel passes through the territory of several States, the customer has a single point of entry for ordering services;
  • one point for calculations – the client maintains the mutual settlements only with us, even if the service is granted within of telecommunication networks of several operators in different parts of the globe;
  • one point of service – during the process of installation and configuration of services, the client communicates with only one operator;
  • one point of entry during the process of operation and support – we are responsible for supporting whole circuit ;

For allocated digital channels we provide SLA (Service Level Agreement) for customers.


  • Own fiber optic network;
  • 24×7 operation and monitoring of all network elements;
  • Reserved equipment and routes;
  • Junctions with foreign telecommunications operators;
  • OSS.