FOCL construction

Eurotranstelecom LLC is a company with wide experience in construction management of fiber optic communication lines (FOCL).

Today Eurotranstelecom LLC has over 6000 km of FOCL constructed throughout Ukraine and continues to build a modern and reliable telecommunication infrastructure. Eurotranstelecom LLC provides work package on construction FOCL including:

  • developing of technical specifications;
  • carrying out project-research works;
  • developing of working project of FOCL;
  • delivery of fiber-optic cable;
  • laying of fiber optic cable in the ground or in municipal ducts ;
  • installation of fiber-distributing modules;
  • installation of optical coupling , active equipment;
  • carrying out measurements of mounted section FOCL;
  • preparing project documentation;
  • accepting of FOCL.

In addition to FOCL construction Eurotranstelecom LLC performs service maintenance of optical networks.