Eurotranstelecom’s comments regarding interaction with SSU

Taking into account the false information in the media regarding investigating actions in respect to Eurotranstelecom LLC we note the following.

On 19 September 2017 the premises of Eurotranstelecom in Kyiv and family residences of current and previous general directors were searched.

Searchers have been sanctioned by a Court’s Order. This Order was based on the assumption that Eurotranstelecom and its Management are doing business with Mixnet, Mixnet Plus and Fiordnet companies. Also, there was an assumption that this activity is harmingUkrainian interests and is supporting Russia in their play against Ukraine.

From Eurotranstelecom’s point of view searchers were conducted quite correctly and SSU’s representatives were tried to keep the procedural requirements. There were only few exceptions, documents and information that were seized and received by SSU during search were appeared on Internet before the search was completed. Among of all, some piece of this information that was published in a hurry is trade secret information of Eurotranstelecom.

As a result of the conducted search, SSU got documentary evidence of information that Eurotranstelecom provided them on the beginning: Eurotranstelecom has never had a business with Mixnet, MixnetPlus and Fiordnet companies. Eurotranstelecom doesn’t have any contracts or any other relations with these companies. Moreover, Eurotranstelecom’semployees don’t know anything about existence of these companies.

When the fact of theabsence any kind of relationship with mentioned companies was proved, SSU’s representatives have continued the search.

During further search SSU seized Eurotranstelecom’s contracts, documentations and electronic media tied to other companies that were not mentioned in the Court’s Order. This includes well-known Ukrainian and European telecommunication carriers and equipment suppliers with multi-year experience.

Eurotranstelecom is not aware and doesn’t understand reasons of seizure of these documents and electronic media. Especially, taking into account the fact that these companies are services and equipment suppliers not only for Eurotranstelecom but and for many other Ukrainian carriers, operators and state authorities.

We take this opportunity to assure all Ukrainians and our multi-year partners that since the date of foundation,Eurotranstelecom always conducts its business activity in accordance to the Law of Ukraine and with the view to interests of Ukraine. These were proved a lot of times by our successful projects aimed at development of Ukrainian telecommunication networks and networks of Ukrainian Railways, and by our case law if differences have been arose with control authorities.